Urarii BERSELLI, full-fledged artist and Eimeo muse.

« Coucou ! » (hi!), I heard behind me, then I turned around and saw a large smile on full lips, her slanted eyes were giving me that warm and friendly look, typical from those Tahitians who are unpretentious and who happens to be no less no more than what they truly are. From that moment on, I knew i’ll have a free-flowing exchange of experiences with a special one .

Her grand-mother named her « Urarii »(:little flame), it was actually the second part of her own name « Heiuraarii »( :the red crown of the King). I bet she had a good intuition with this name, one could clearly see in Urarii’s deep brown eyes, two little flames screaming: « Pele runs the place! »

Urarii started playing the guitare/ukulele and dancing at a young age. Her dad was a party aficionado, when there was a tahitian « bringue » there was Charles Berselli around with his kids. He would rapidly teach Urarii and her brother, Faratea, how to play the guitare. She also got enrolled in Makau’s Dance School where she learned how to dance « ori tahiti » (: tahitian dancing) at age 5. Since then she had participated to countless festivals, as far as she could remember she had always danced. Music and dancing were healthy supports she enjoyed all throughout her life.

This artistic background was a major asset while she was working on the Paul Gauguin Cruise ship, as a Polynesian Ambassador. She perfected her voice, there, with a mentor she thought inspiring, Hinagnaro, an author/composer/singer and beautiful dancer all at the same time. This five years working experience helped her to expand her range of musical competence and to quench her thirst for discovery.

In some aspect of her life, Urarii reminds us of the Goddess Hina, representing the feminine power of determination and conviction.

After years of exploration, she had decided to settle down with her partner in life and start a family. She took on a series of odd jobs prior to going back to University where she graduated in Foreign Languages with honors, and had a Master in Languages Cultures and Societies in Oceania. Diplomas helped her to contract a job as an English teacher. After two years of teaching she completed the CAPES with success, with nearly a new born baby in her arms.

When Urarii embarked on « Eimeo adventure » she was already a full-fledged artist in her private sphere, it was just matter of time before she would set the Tahitian’s scenes on fire! But Moehau, Eimeo’s founder and designer, came in the way, and swept her up in the fast pace of her overflowing creativity.

One Friday of January 2021 Urarii, Moehau and Hinatea Boosie, Eimeo muse and art director, were celebrating pleasures of life and friendship, a yearly ritual filled with exuberant songs and vivid dancings.

« I had just finished to perform the song Ahiri from Manahune, that night, when Moe and Hinatea had some kind of an inspired stroke of genius and told me they found the name for the next collection, they wanted to produce a video clip in which i’ll be singing with my guitare. And we were all fantasizing about it. But it was no joke because 6 months after i had a call from Hinatea announcing that they were actually going to do it. It was happening! » Urarii recalls.

«  We did it in one day, Hinatea Boosie, coordinator of the project, Hinatea Colombani, author of the song Ahiri, Ipeva Tetahio, musician and composer, and I met in Papara at the Ari’oi Cultural Center. We found the perfect music to match with the words… at first i felt i wasn’t fit for the job, i felt the pressure when i had to improvise and find the notes…but they were so encouraging, reassuring, guiding me through that it eventually flowed…it was a beautiful collective work done that day! » she boasted.

Last year in October, Eimeo opens its first store in Moorea where Urarii delighted the audience that evening providing interpretations of a varied repertoire. This performance brought her other propositions. With her friend partner Moeanu Richmond, together they finally formed a duo called « OHAKI », a mix of the two names of their respective children, Ohani and Tahaki. She saw a good omen in the creation of their « baby » band happening in October when they are both born in the same month.

« Urarii is the perfect one to bear the values of the brand, she’s anchored deeply in her culture, she perpetuates it through dancing, music…she studied the Polynesian settlement of the Pacific through myths, legends and history. She incarnates all the Tahitian folklore in her exuberance, authenticity, cheerfulness. I think she’s a role model and quintessence of the Polynesian woman of our time. She’s genuinely kind, emanates the tahitian «douceur de vivre » and simplicity, when you’re by her side, you just wanna lift your bottle of Hinano beer and cheers  Manuia! to life, and then sing a song. I must say her voice is …just…unique and there is something that moves me profoundly so much that i keep quiet every time she sings, it’s so beautiful…the Sacred and Royal fire is her! » Moehau confides.

Urarii is loving and caring mother, a supporting lover, smart and qualified English teacher, talented and accomplished artist, she is a loyal friend and a beautiful, shining human that cast her light along her path. We won’t miss her next performances between Tahiti’s bars.