is the old name of Moorea.
11 miles north-west of Tahiti,
emerge steep mountains creating a breathtaking
and feminine silhouette on our skyline.

Moorea is one of the most mystical place on Earth
where Moehau, the designer, have grown as a child
and draws much of her inspiration.

Natural beauty of the location surely
brings out creativity yet
the culture makes this ambiance so special.
This tropical nonchalance and detached attitude,
Tahitian people display everyday,
inspire the mood of the clothing line.

Our clothes want to be comfortable and flattering,
adjusted here and there,
enough to reveal women’s natural grace.
Patterns, fabrics and prints are
carefully selected in order to express a vintage
Polynesian style twist with modern trends.

Eimeo clothing is born to embody confidence,
elegance, simplicity and style, exactly what
Polynesian woman represents.