Founder & Designer

MOEHAU means peaceful dream in Tahitian and yet she has always walked inevitably on the way to her visions, shaping her own truth and reality in order to meet her dreams.

Moehau was born and raised in the enchanting landscapes of Tahiti, stands as the creative force behind
Eimeo, a pioneering eco-conscious fashion and lifestyle label in French Polynesia. From her earliest years,
Moehau’s creative spirit found expression in myriad forms— from sketching and sewing garments to crafting
poems and fictional narratives. Raised by her grandparents, she was deeply influenced by her grandfather’s
passion for art, literature, science, and classic cinema. At the same time, her grandmother’s embodiment of
Polynesian femininity instilled the core values that continue to guide Eimeo today.

At 19, Moehau embarked on her first journey away from Tahiti, spending a year in Sydney before moving
to Paris for five transformative years. There, she pursued art studies, honing her skills, and worked as a
florist, where she learned the grace and elegance that would later define her brand. However, it was in Bali
that Moehau found her true calling and launched Eimeo during her ten-year stay in what became her second
homeland. Immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Balinese culture and community, Moehau was inspired to
create a brand that paid homage to her Maohi heritage while embracing the eclectic influences garnered from
her travels around the globe.

For Moehau, Eimeo is more than just a fashion brand—it symbolizes reconnecting with one’s true essence.
Eponymous of her grandmother and Moorea’s ancient name, Eimeo symbolizes a nostalgic voyage to a bygone
era, a reconnection with the roots profoundly embedded in Polynesian culture and cherished childhood
memories. Moehau’s vision for Eimeo transcends the realm of fashion; it’s about fostering a deeper sense of
pride in our cultural heritage and empowering individuals to embrace their authentic selves. Through her
brand, she hopes to inspire others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and rekindle with the
timeless wisdom passed down through generations.


Ambassador/PR & Executive Store Manager in Hawaii

Hinatea Boosie, a modern-day Renaissance woman, seamlessly blends her roles as an entrepreneur, creative visionary, and devoted mother. Drawing inspiration from the joys of parenthood, she infuses her work with a sense of nurturing and care, creating spaces and opportunities that uplift and empower others. As the founder of ORA, a production and talent agency based in Tahiti, Hinatea amplifies the voices of emerging artists and creatives, curating experiences that resonate with authenticity and creativity. Her background as a former model lends a unique perspective, enriching her ventures in design and hospitality, including Tahurai Homestay in Teahupoo and the bag and shoe brand, Bangus.

Currently serving as the for Eimeo Waikiki’s General Manager and Brand Ambassador spearheading PR initiatives, Hinatea’s expertise in management and fashion shines as she oversees operations, curates exceptional experiences, and connects Eimeo with those who share pride in Polynesian culture. Through her dynamic skill set and unwavering dedication, Hinatea leaves an indelible mark in fashion, culture, and beyond, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and embrace their unique talents.


Brand Manager

Donna, our brand manager, brings a wealth of experience and international influence to Eimeo. A Hong Kong-born, UK-bred branding expert and founder of Imua Consultancy, Donna has shaped some of the most successful Fortune 500 brands globally for over a decade. She’s passionate about empowering ambitious founders and building disruptive, emotive brands. Now living in Tahiti, French Polynesia, Donna is particularly drawn to Eimeo’s all-women-powered team and the opportunity to immerse herself in Polynesian culture, deeply inspiring her creative process. Her expertise in brand strategy and storytelling and a focus on human experience make Donna a key asset to Eimeo’s growth.


French Polynesia Store Manager

Marine defines herself as a true chameleon. In 2018, she graduated her Bachelor degree in History and Geography but ended up working in many different sectors like social, education, even sport and since, commerce. Into everything, Marine strongly thinks she can do whatever she wants as long as she likes what she does. 


“My past professional experiences taught me that in order to feel accomplished in my life, I needed to work with people who have great values such as respect, kindness and honesty. Working has always been natural for me, but I’ve never felt in perfect harmony with myself until I started to work for EIMEO. Being constantly surrounded by women encouraging me to have faith in myself, greeting me for the good work and giving me full trust since the beginning is all I could ever asked for.” 



Tarita-Tumi, spontaneous and free soul, is the perfect example of the strong connection Polynesian people have with their natural environment. She used to work with environmentalists and biologists, preserving and protecting marine species on her home island Tetiaroa. Year 2021 has started with a whole lot of challenges and new experiences for her. Working in Fashion industry was one of them. The Brand EIMEO, the products, the Team, …everything was seducing in the job!

” I’m happy to help my longtime friend Moehau with her business, with the editing and provide accuracy with historical facts and traditional myth and legends. “


Community Manager

Born on Reunion Island and raised between Cape Town, South Africa, and Reunion, Julia embarked on a global journey of education and professional growth. After earning a Bachelor in Business Administration in Paris and traveling extensively, Julia pursued a Master’s in Digital Communication, also in Paris. As her studies concluded, an incredible opportunity arose: a position as a social media manager for a jewelry brand in Tahiti. Embracing the adventure, she moved across the world and spent two years falling in love with French Polynesia.

Despite a beautiful life in the islands, Julia longed to return to her home in the Indian Ocean. Back in Reunion, she launched her social media management business. During her time in Tahiti, she crossed paths with Moehau and Eimeo, and the prospect of working with such an impactful brand was truly thrilling.

For Julia, working for Eimeo means embracing a beautiful mission: communicating the essence and authentic Polynesian lifestyle to the rest of the world. Moehau’s vision for Eimeo allows her to do so in a creative and fashionable way, making her role as a social media manager both fun and fulfilling. She finds immense satisfaction in seeing the brand blossom while staying true to its Polynesian roots.


Official Photographer

Kivanui is our creative and photographic eye. Coming from a family of artists, she never fails to provide her own little touch of creativity during our photoshoots. New-Zealand being her second home for 5years studying photography in a private school, she decided to come back to her roots to start being new photographer in town. 


Official Videographer

After earning a degree in Foreign Languages and traveling the world, Kim graduated at the top of her class from a specialized school in editing and special effects in France in 2019. Since then, she has worked as an independent videographer and for various production agencies.

She joined the Eimeo team at the beginning of 2024. In addition to her role at Eimeo Clothing, Kim collaborates with Hinatea Boosie, Eimeo ambassador and founder of Ora, an agency representing models and producing content for international brands in French Polynesia.

” I am profoundly grateful to work for Eimeo due to its inspiring, hardworking, and strong team of women. I draw inspiration from the brand’s strong values, which resonate deeply with my own beliefs and creative vision. “


Sales Associate at The Eimeo Store

Living in Moorea, Eileen co-manages a charming house on Tiahura with her partner, making greeting guests a delightful part of her daily routine. Bubbling with vitality, she constantly seeks the spark of life in the little things—whether it’s a smile, a sunset, or the sound of waves crashing on the reef. Eileen feels incredibly grateful to have found her way to this magical island, which she considers the most beautiful pearl of the Pacific.

To Eileen, Eimeo best embodies the Polynesian sweetness of life and its values. She is thrilled to share her culture through her work alongside inspiring and passionate women.


Sales Associate at The Eimeo Showroom

« Smile, live and be happy, we are WOMEN, we are LIFE. »

Wendy Burns is our new recruit, motivated and attentive, she’ll be a great help during your shopping session. Local vahine, she’s proud to work for a Polynesian brand which can be seen in the cheerful way she greets our customers.

« I feel lucky, honored and above all proud to be a full-fledged ambassador of Eimeo through my job. Working for Eimeo fascinates me mostly because Eimeo knows how to shed light on Polynesian woman in all her glory »


Store Manager at The Eimeo Boutique Waikiki

Darcie Pulawa-Morales, a dynamic mother of seven, resides in the vibrant city of Honolulu, Hawaii. As a successful serial entrepreneur, she has skillfully balanced her professional pursuits with her rich family life. Darcie’s journey began at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), where she honed her innate talent for fashion and design. With over 15 years of experience in retail, Darcie has worked with prestigious brands such as BCBG Max Azria on Rodeo Drive, Bebe, and Betsey Johnson, gaining invaluable insights into the ever-evolving fashion world. Her passion for retail is evident in her extensive expertise and her love for the dynamic nature of the industry. Darcie’s career has been marked by her ability to adapt and excel in various roles, showcasing her versatility and dedication. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to every endeavor, whether in fashion, entertainment, or entrepreneurship. Darcie continues to inspire others with her remarkable journey and unwavering passion for her work.


Production Manager

Bella grew up in Bali as an happy and playful girl. She graduated her Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication Design . Her expertise in Communication and her passion for Fashion and Design has showed to be great assets to EIMEO clothing line. Indeed Bella took part in the adventure since 2018 now and helped the brand become the company it is today.

” Working with Eimeo is such a great experience and challenging, I’ve learned many things while this brand was growing so well .”

Bella is the Production Manager of Eimeo in Bali


Head Tailor

Wayan is the typical loving and sweet Balinese Mother. She is the ” Mamak ” ( balinese word for mother ) of all the Production Team. Wayan is a 15-years-experience manufacturer, she obviously has played a key role in the growth of the brand since the very beginning of EIMEO in 2015. She is truly committed to the work and make sure of the quality of each product.


E-Shop Manager

I’m Erica and I’m from Bali. I’m a graduate of Information System’s Bachelor Degree. I have a passion for understanding both customer needs and product development, I’ve leveraged my communication skills to foster collaboration and growth at EIMEO.

“EIMEO is more than just a job; it’s a team! I’m proud to be a part of EIMEO. EIMEO has been a source of immense satisfaction and learning. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continuously grow within this field and I hope to remain a part of this exceptional team.”