Founder & Designer

MOEHAU means peaceful dream in Tahitian and yet she has always walked inevitably on the way to her visions, shaping her own truth and reality in order to meet her dreams.

As far as she can remember, being creative has always been an important part of her life. Whether it be painting all over her walls, or drawing anywhere she could, make a whole piece of art out a bouquet of flowers, but also make fine and elegant clothing from a simple pareo…

She studied Art in Paris. And then it came to do with designing clothes. Only once she moved in Bali that she seriously thought of launching her own clothing line, until she finally established EIMEO.

” I love doing my job because every day is different. Working in Fashion industry is very challenging. Guess i love this dynamic too. But mostly : creating worlds and making a living out of it i can call myself lucky! ” 

EIMEO not only helps her to express her creativity but also to share her love for her home island, the Tahitian culture and her profound admiration for Polynesian women.

” The beauty, the energy of my country is continuously inspiring. Tahitian womanhood inspires me as well. I recall my grandma’s allure, how elegant she was! You could feel her strength and ” mana ”  just looking at her. It was different times and different definition of Beauty and hence this sense of vintage in our style. “   (Moehau explains, feeling nostalgic.)

It seems that EIMEO’s future are in the hands of women. Indeed this company is also a matter of sisterhood.

Moehau makes a point to advocate for other women and feel more connected with them.

” Enrolling more women to grow EIMEO and seeing how proud and committed they are to the work is rewarding.” 

Hopefully EIMEO will set an example of sustainable company in which co-workers enjoy themselves  doing their job. She encourages every woman and Polynesian women in particular to listen to their strong intuition and pave their way to full realization, as she has done herself.


Ambassador & Art Director

Hinatea is EIMEO’s first Muse. She a real Polynesian ambassador and our definition of the modern Polynesian Woman : naturally elegant with strong values and proud of her origins. Since she was elected Miss Tahiti in 2008, she has evolved in Fashion Industry , from modeling to designing clothes and accessories for women until she reveals herself as a skillful art director.
Now she’s swaying between managing the surf house she has in Teahupo’o and directing photo shoots over French Polynesia for international brands, EIMEO included.



Tarita-Tumi, spontaneous and free soul, is the perfect example of the strong connection Polynesian people have with their natural environment. She used to work with environmentalists and biologists, preserving and protecting marine species on her home island Tetiaroa. Year 2021 has started with a whole lot of challenges and new experiences for her. Working in Fashion industry was one of them. The Brand EIMEO, the products, the Team, …everything was seducing in the job!

” I’m happy to help my longtime friend Moehau with her business, with the editing and provide accuracy with historical facts and traditional myth and legends. “


Regional Wholesale Manager

 Vaihere, is another model of accomplished Polynesian Woman. Traditional culture play an important part in her life, indeed she cultivates it through Art, Music and Dance.

“I found in Eimeo a real brand culture where Polynesian spirit and woman elegance is enhanced. But what I love the most is the way this designer brand gives woman confidence and strengthened their radiant feminine energy . I also got the chance to work with an amazing team with caring , genuine and gorgeous women.”


Executive Assistant

Marine defines herself as a true chameleon. In 2018, she graduated her Bachelor degree in History and Geography but ended up working in many different sectors like social, education, even sport and since, commerce. Into everything, Marine strongly thinks she can do whatever she wants as long as she likes what she does. 


“My past professional experiences taught me that in order to feel accomplished in my life, I needed to work with people who have great values such as respect, kindness and honesty. Working has always been natural for me, but I’ve never felt in perfect harmony with myself until I started to work for EIMEO. Being constantly surrounded by women encouraging me to have faith in myself, greeting me for the good work and giving me full trust since the beginning is all I could ever asked for.” 


E-Shop Manager

Bella grew up in Bali as an happy and playful girl. She’s just had her Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication Design last year. Her expertise in Communication and her passion for Fashion and Design has showed to be great assets to EIMEO clothing line. Indeed Bella took part in the adventure 3 years ago now and helped the brand become the company it is today.

” Working with Eimeo is such a great experience, I’ve learned many things in the last 3 years while this brand was growing so well .”

Bella is the E-shop Manager, she is in charge of shipments and customer service.


Production Manager

Wayan is the typical loving and sweet Balinese Mother. She is the ” Mamak ” ( balinese word for mother ) of all the Production Team. Wayan is a 15-years-experience manufacturer, she obviously has played a key role in the growth of the brand since the very beginning of EIMEO in 2015. She is truly committed to the work and make sure of the quality of each product.