The Kellum property, a window into the past.

Kellum domain in Opunohu is a heavenly
spot and an ideal setting for someone seeking
to step back in time for enlightment.

It all started in 1924, Hawaii, where Medford Kellum Jr. and Gladys Laughlin met.
Three months later, the two lovers, the Kellum family and
a group of scientists embarked on an exploration
in the South Seas on Medford Jr. ’s father four-masted sailboat
named Kaimiloa, « the long search » or « the Explorer ».
She was arranged with commodious rooms and equipped with
laboratory, darkroom and storage for scientific purpose.

The Kaimiloa left Honolulu on November 9th, and had stopped
to Christmas Islands, Malden, Tongareva before reaching Tahiti,
in January 1st 1925. There, Medford Ross Kellum Sr.
acquired 4000 acres, almost the entire Valley of Opunohu in Moorea
that he then offered to the newly married couple Medford and Gladys Kellum.

This eden was not only a bountiful supply in fruits, fresh water, coprah,
honey, flowers, but it also turned out to be a significant cultural site.
Kenneth P. Emory, who had sailed to Tahiti on Kaimiloa,
initiated the first archeological surveys.
The area was strewn with at least 550 ancient structures that of temples,
archery platforms, residences, and other evidences
which coupled with oral tradition helped to better understand
the pre-European Polynesian civilization.

Thanks to the Kellum Family remains in Opunohu Valley
has been highly preserved up until 1962 when 90%
of the domain has been donated to the local governement.
It has been until today the playground of many passionate
anthropologists, ethnologists such as Kenneth P. Emory, Dr Yoshihiko Sinoto
who paved the way, and Marimari Kellum (the daughter of Med ford & Gladys),
Roger Green, Jennifer Kahn, Mark Eddowes and Paul Niva.
Today a rehabilitation and conservation of Opunohu’s
historical and archeological sites are complete and open for visit.

To us this site is a cultural tresor, symbol of a quest for identity through reappropriation
of ancient knowledge. What more appropriate setting for Eimeo’s promotional video clip?

This video clip crowns the brand as it sends out EIMEO Clothing Line’s identity,
values and messages which is inherently connected the Polynesian spiritual realm.
Thank you for watching ‘ĀHIRI.  ; )