Moehau, a child of Mo’orea.

Now that Moehau has settled down in Moorea, she feels more and more connected to her land and its future. This island which has nurtured her, had first nurtured her ancestors and tomorrow will nurture her children. She’s sharing with us her experience/vision of the island and how she’s contributing to help protecting the beautiful island of Moorea.

Teiti PATER called  « Mama’o » was Moehau’s tupuna_ great great grand-mother. She was one of the richest land owners of Tiahura. This 5.08 ft tall woman was mainly living off coprah production and fishing activity. Mama’o was a great and respected figure in the community thanks to her proximity and good knowledge of the environnement she lived in. People would trust her fishing skills based on her keen observation of nature_ time of the day, moon phase, locations, species, inter-species interactions, etc . Legends, myths and historical anecdotes of the life in the district of Tiahura had no secrets for her. Mama’o had been a holder of precious knowledge concerning Tiahura and she had transmitted it to her own children, her grandchildren and all the young people she came across with. She acted like a magnet with kids of the neighborhood, and ended up raising some of them. This young workforce was good help with daily tasks and privileged enough to take full advantage of all of Mama’o’s know-how and expertise on natural cycles.

« I found this transmission with my grand-mother, Nancy Miriama Walker-Levy, also Mama’o’s grand-child who has received all this wisdom directly from her and handed it down to me. My grandmother was my pilar, was the pilar of the whole family, she made the big decisions. She had this natural authority. » Moehau

Myriama was called « Manu » after her habits to perch on trees, although she was deeply rooted in her culture. Like Mama’o, she was living in harmony with what surrounded her. She was eating fish or chicken she had caught herself, using plants to make remedies. She was strong-willed and fought for what she thought was the best for the family. Moehau transpires inclusiveness, determination and self-reliance! We know where she’s coming from.

It seems like these women were almost carved by the soft turquoise water of Tiahura and sweeping trade winds. The close connection with their land provides them confidence and great respect for the island of Moorea which appears to be a source of food and energy, but also a source of beauty and creativity.

« It’s really like you’re living in a scenery all the time, driving all around the island, it seems you’re in a living painting everywhere! » Moehau

All agree and Moehau is the first to say Moorea has a special feminine energy characteristic. Upon entering the bay of Vaiare, an encircling mountain chain embrace all comers, striking them with awe and wonders. She admits the spell working on anybody, and not to be taken as a Polynesian privilege only. A certain pride is displayed by the population of Moorea when they talk about their mystic island.

« What’s also special about Moorea is the good food, we have the best places to eat, we have the best smoothies, italian food, sandwiches, french cuisine, whether you eat in the backyard of their garden or in food trucks by the road side, they always host you in a cheerful ambiance and with the freshest food carefully made with love. » Moehau

Small restaurants ran by local people seems to fit perfectly with this intimate prevailing mood. These human scale companies combine authenticity and good-quality service and food, respecting proper working conditions.

« You melt with them, they share with you their own experience of the island, it’s not just about selling their products! The most sustainable economy, personally, is this kind of business where you feel close to the locals, and when you have some kind of an overall understanding of what they are and how they live here. » Moehau

Oversized projects are, currently, being reconsidered by the population of Moorea. Environnemental and cultural movements in the form of local organizations calls into question the very notion of evolution.

« I am aware that you cannot stop evolution because it’s a natural process, but what i find very regretful is the way it is made, we can manage it in order to be more respectful for everybody. » Moehau

« I am sure there’s an alternative to these pharaonic projects , growing like mushrooms all around the island…and that’s why i’m getting involved with Keep Moorea Wild, an organization that protects lands of Moorea. I heard their vision and i commit to it, sponsorship system is a way to save sacred places threatened with destruction. » Moehau

The young generation appears to be very creative when Nature preservation is at stake. A great number of environmental organizations were created over the past ten years on Moorea. We believe we will make the best decisions we can FOR MOOREA.

« Our giving back movement, THIS is the trend you should all mimic. » Moehau