when the entire being says dance!

Polynesian queen of traditional « Ori Tahiti » (Tahitian dancing) is posing for Eimeo and the sublime of our dresses. Under the proud eyes of her youngest daughter Kivanui, who is also our designated photographer, Makau gives life and form to our garments.

Makau is a cultural icon on the local dance scene and over seas. The way she dances transcends the rules and codes of dancing as she puts her heart and soul in the movements.

Makau started to take Tahitian dance lessons at age 4 with her grand-mother. It all began in a remote location in the center of Tuamotu Archipelago called Hao.

 On the strength of her experiences and more of her transgenerational legacy, she proudly danced on the Polynesian Cultural Center scenes in Hawaii, at age 16. She travelled the world conquering people’s heart scene after scene.

Later, she founded her dance group and school, she named « Tamariki Poerani », in tribute to her home island, Hao, where it said to be the first place where they had been fishing the original pearls… so much beauty was emanating from these jewels that people would call them « pearls from the sky » (or heaven).

She was able to share the immense knowledge and experiences she had integrated. Harmony, sense of rhythm, gestures, tonicity, presence in the look, feeling the words of the song, etc., these had been watchwords of Makau’s teachings.

Today, Makau’s legacy are in good hands thanks to her beautiful and graceful daughter Kohai Tevahine Tapairu who has taken over the school and perpetuates the love of ‘Ori Tahiti’.