The Hine Series: Empowerment Through Shared Narratives

The Hine Series: Empowerment Through Shared Narratives

By delving into Polynesian feminine archetypes, we unravel the legacy of legendary matriarchs honored in our myths and legends. This inheritance is enriched by first hand testimonies from remarkable women in Tahiti who gracefully share their stories, emphasizing the transformative impact of these deities. As Vairea, Hinanui, Hawaiki, and Laiza intertwine their personal narratives with the mythical journeys of Polynesian Goddesses, a profound wave of empowerment rises. Through this shared journey of exploration and storytelling, they forge intimate bonds of solidarity, inspiration, and deep respect.

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Hinanui Salmon: Sentient Keeper of Archetypal Wisdom

A highly respected healer, shaman and Tahu’a (priest)

We had the privilege of meeting Hinanui Salmon, an intrepid explorer and a wellspring of universal knowledge. Hinanui has dedicated herself to creating spaces for self-reconnection and healing throughout her life. Initiated by her father, a tahu’a who practiced various rituals and visited yogis, Hinanui grew up with a unique perspective on the world. Her mother-in-law, who repeated ancient beauty rituals and had prophetic dreams, further influenced her upbringing. Feminine archetypes, is a theme she’s always loved to explore in different cultures. 

Her story resonates as a stirring tale of self-discovery and resilience, rooted in her early struggles with childhood traumas. As a young child, she endured the harrowing experience of being set on fire during an exorcism ritual, an ordeal she refers to as the “kiss of fire.” This traumatic event catalyzed her connection with Pere/Pele, the goddess of lava, embodying the archetype’s fiery spirit of resilience and self-acceptance. Further into adulthood, despite being diagnosed as unable to bear children, she defied the odds by manifesting four sons, drawing upon Hina, the goddess of fertility. 

However, it was in her thirties that Hinanui’s journey toward empowerment truly began. Embracing the archetype of Hine-nui-o-te-Pō, the guardian of primordial darkness, played a pivotal role in shaping her path. In Polynesian mythology, Hine-nui-te-po guides the varua, or souls, into the initial level of the Pō, preparing them for their onward journey. Prior to adopting this name, she was known as Hine-tī-tama. Tane pursued her and they went on having children until the day she realized that her husband was also her father . In an effort to escape this shame and betrayal,, she retreated into the world of eternal darkness, undergoing a profound transformation into Hine-nui-te-po, the goddess of the night.

Hinanui’s experience echoes the transformation of Hine-ti-tama to Hine-nui-o-te-Pō, where she found empowerment to navigate her own space, make conscious decisions, and take control of her destiny. 

“ When I connect with the vibration of Hine-nui-te-po, I’ve understood what it means to be a guardian. The information you perceive is not to be kept for yourself but to be transmitted in one way or another. Doing so also preserves and perpetuates knowledge.”

Through her experiences, Hinanui emphasizes the importance of remaining authentic to oneself, even in the face of societal expectations. As a spiritual guide, Hinanui truly sets the example and speaks to the essence of passion and unwavering integrity, inspiring us to embrace our true essence and navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Laiza Pautehea: Exploring Ancient Wisdom 

An artist, teacher, and activist

Driven by an insatiable thirst for ancient knowledge, Laiza Pautehea embarks on a journey to unearth long-forgotten secrets buried deep within the annals of oral tradition. Inspired by the wisdom of her ancestors, she is steadfast in her commitment to honoring their legacy by treading the path they once walked. As both an art teacher and artist at her core, Laiza possesses a unique ability to apprehend traditional and intuitive knowledge, weaving it seamlessly into her work.

Rather than confining herself to any singular archetype, Laiza blazes new trails, drawing upon her sensory perceptions and vivid visualizations to navigate the realms of ancient wisdom. Her narrative unfolds like a mystical tale, intertwining symbolism and ancestral connections in a vivid and captivating manner. In one such encounter, she recounts a vision of a young girl, representing various cosmic elements, reminiscent of the creation myth of Taaroa. Unlike the traditional creation narrative, where a deity shapes the world using its body parts, this vision depicts the child harnessing elements of nature to create her own body—an allegory that speaks to the enduring beliefs woven into the fabric of our existence.

“Just like certain petroglyphs that appear and disappear at different times of the day, when our belief in our myths and legends, in our goddesses and gods, remains strong, they are always present to guide us, in the elements that surround us, in a sensation, in a whisper, in an idea, in a vision.” Although these beliefs may not always be visibly present, we can still sense their existence. This intuitive understanding of spirituality transcends rational perception, encouraging us to trust our inner senses and instinctive knowledge.

Ultimately, Laiza’s vision invites us to reevaluate our relationship with the natural world, fostering a sense of unity, responsibility, and respect for the interconnected web of life that sustains us all. In embracing the wisdom of our ancestors, we find guidance and solace, drawing strength from the enduring truths that resonate across cultures and epochs.

As Laiza Pautehea’s journey unfolds, her quest for ancient wisdom serves as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path toward a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Her ongoing investigations will form the foundation of her forthcoming books, offering further insight into our collective heritage.

Hawaiki Lombard: Guiding Women Through Motherhood
A doula and healer


Hawaiki offers unwavering support to women across various stages of life, particularly during birthing and motherhood, aiding them in reclaiming sovereignty over the process of life’s creation. Engaged in healing, coaching, and scholarly pursuits, she embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery by exploring Polynesian female archetypes.

Drawing parallels with the chthonic deity of Lava, Pere/Pele, Hawaiki finds resonance in the concepts of transformation and creation within the cycle of destruction and renewal. This comparison underscores the profound connection between humanity and the Earth’s processes, highlighting our intrinsic link to the planet’s evolution.

Women, uniquely attuned to the cyclical changes within their bodies, possess the wisdom and grace to navigate metamorphosis. Their profound understanding of internal variations not only aids in personal growth but also facilitates insight into the Earth’s natural cycles.

“For Polynesians the women’s period is called “vari” which means mud, we are closely associated with the Earth. I’m sensing that us women are changing vibrations as much as the Earth is expanding its consciousness.”

In essence, Hawaiki’s journey embodies a deep reverence for the interconnectedness between women, the Earth, and the natural cycles that shape our existence.


In conclusion, our exploration of Polynesian Female Archetypes offers women a sacred pathway to self-realization and empowerment. These founding mothers have uncovered profound insights into their identities, dreams, and challenges by delving into mythic narratives. They have been cultivating a deep understanding of their unique life visions and interconnectedness with universal energies. Their life journeys transcend cultures and epochs, inspiring us toward heightened insight, authenticity, and empowerment.