For Maui: Share the Aroha with families who lost everything in the fires.

On August, 8th to 11th, wildfires broke out in Hawaï, mainly on the island of Maui. Prompted by strong winds, violent fires caused widespread damages, destroying thousands of homes, businesses, institutions, historic landmarks and took away hundred lives, leaving the population heartbroken and overwhelmed by the magnitude of such catastrophe.

Our mother’s, sister’s, daughter’s heart trembles for the fragile situation in which Maui’s ohana(s) stand. Our friend Mahana Moua originally from Tahiti but has been living in Hawaii for decades , together with her friends mobilized to provide assistance in the form of every day commodities.

« We hope to bring some level of support to as many people as we can through our efforts. Our intention is to assist with every day commodities like biodegradable laundry detergent, plant-based toothpaste, antibacterial soap; and much more. So, the concerned families can focus their efforts and energy in rebuilding their home, and piecing their life back together. »

« Rima Here for Maui » recovery operation has also initiated the lei of Solidarity, bringing the community together , weave a protection lei and a tribute to the memory of the lost lives. On Saturday, September
30th they hold a blessing ceremony and brought, a lei over 4000 feet long, to the crosses in Lāhainā.

Yet the threat of wildfires is not completely over today. Smoke from wildfires can cause healths or breathing issues. Burned homes, businesses, cars can release toxic chemicals. « Rima Here for Maui » :(the Hand of Love for Maui) relief efforts also includes bigger initiative which is to bring air purifying systems to the people who live in the vicinity of Lāhaina where the air is extremely toxic.

We join forces here with providing Eimeo products including pareos for the gift packages they are putting together for people to buy. Their team will find a person/family to give the gift to.

« We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. » winston Churchill

Christmas time is a season of Hope for a better future where we all unite in Love. « Rima Here for Maui » enables you to adopt a family. Their team has direct contact with them and can easily be the contact person for you in order to assess and prioritize the needs of the families.

The smallest contribution will help those who lost everything in the fires.