Eimeo participates in the « Heiva »

Eimeo was well represented at the Tahitian dance competition this year. “Tapairu Tahiti”, a new Tahitian dance school led by great dancer Reiarii Rochette, offered their first performance on the scene of Te Fare Tauhiti Nui, proudly wearing the Ravanui dress.

 This event opens the « Tiurai » festivities as it gathers all the Tahitian traditional dancing schools over French Polynesia. This year, 35 schools participated in the contest and all displayed outstanding costumes from vegetal outfits to finest dresses. Thousands of dancers in full regalia, crowned with flowers and all smiles, were thrilled to give it their all before an attentive audience.

This big time unites and inspires many, a proud moment for local artists (musicians, dancers, singers, designers, craftmen) as they show off the best of their culture to the entire world.