EIMEO Clothing as a slow fashion and ethical brand.

Have you ever experienced a feeling of pure satisfaction from buying a dress because it makes you feel sensational wearing on the inside and out? This is the kind of experience we want to bring about.

Our company stands against fast fashion industry practices, such as excessive production, fabric wastage, complicated supply chain, synthetic fibers use, water consumption and pollution, unfair working conditions, plastic bags use.

Mindless consumption and clothing choices we make can seriously affect people and our environment.

As a Fashion business we cannot ignore the negative impacts this industry has on people and nature. Our goal is to operate our business thoughtfully, with consideration of the consequences on both human and the planet.

This year we will keep on implementing ethical practices into our daily business routine with special attention on supporting local communities and keeping Earth healthy.

For us, it is crucial to support local community, encourage the use of traditional skill and techniques, and help to grow the local economy. EIMEO Clothing workshop is based in Bali since 2016. Even if inspirations and designs are inherently Polynesians, Bali became the designer’s second home for 8 years now. She has built strong relationships and a sense of community among her local co-workers and manufacturers she has worked with eversince.

« The trust i’ve built with my Head Tailor, Wayan, since the very beginning is a perfect example of the kind of relationships i encourage in our team. She helped me and trusted me at a certain point in my life and I will always be thankful for this. I support my producers with a yearly job, paid them well above the minimum wage, they are able to work from home and take care of the household at the same time. All of our employees are working in conditions they think the best for them. »

Moehau, the designer.

EIMEO Clothing focuses on quality and longevity.

It takes us 5 to 6 months from the first sketches of collection until the new arrivals.

The designer gives herself 3 months for the creative part of the process to provide the customers with authentic and unique Polynesian vintage style designs. Fibers we use are all natural and biodegradable. EIMEO two-tone floral prints are hand-made, using a traditional technique, producing vibrant colors and high-precision printing. As for the manufacturing process, EIMEO Clothing has an in-house factory we like to visit regularly to supervise the quality of each product. We produce in small batches to avoid wastage.

« It takes time to create Beauty and more time to materialize it. The secret behind our clothes is the conditions in which they were made. »