Eimeo Clothing: a True Art of Living

– Moehau Aumerand talks about the essence of the brand and why they should be your next purchase.

Clothing industry is very challenging due to variations of trends, consumers demand, sustainability standards, however one way to hold the public attention is an invitation to travel in the brand’s universe, as dreamy as it can be. Or rather, as genuinely beautiful as it actually is.

Eimeo Clothing is an opportunity for any woman to experience the Tahitian dream, to feel perfect in her natural state of being, in her most authentic way. The diversity in patterns, styles and colors offers a range of options for every type of body and for any occasions. Whether you stay at home, go to the store, or for a lunch, a date or a night-out, Eimeo has all-in-one dress. 

« The best experience a human can have on this planet is to find joy and excitement within one’s uniqueness » Moehau, the Founder and designer.

The Tahitian brand’s beginning was quite simple, fashion industry represented a relatively small investment and didn’t require any particular skills apart from a sense of good taste and little doze of creativity. For those reasons Moehau decided to start a clothing company 8 years ago. She was creating at the time, the type of clothes she would wear herself once she realized _ talking with her aunt who lived in NYC and was actually looking for a nice Polynesian dress to throw on at some meeting for former Tahitian students _ the Tahitian dress didn’t exist on-line. 

She thought about combining her obsession and nostalgia for things of the past, using timeless designs, setting a retro-tropical decors and ambiance to the core of the brand and a print that will be easily identified as Tahitian or Polynesian using « pareo » fabric, especially two-tone floral patterns. This in order to establish a Tahitian garment which would be accessible and affordable from anywhere in the world. She, then, rebranded Creatures of Wilde into Eimeo Clothing Line and has positioned itself as the benchmark of Tahitian vintage women’s apparel.

« Why Eimeo? because my grandma came from the island of Moorea_ Eimeo is the old name Moorea_ and N. Miriama Walker is my definition of the Tahitian woman « par excellence », she’s Eimeo clothing original muse. » Moehau.

The identity of Eimeo dress being set, it was time to give a little profoundness to the brand. 

Last year, Eimeo Clothing reinforced its position as the Polynesian vintage style reference featuring a collection with particular designs, not always easy to wear, but perfect to fit in special context of a promotional video clip:   Ahiri .  The idea was first to depict a collection_Ahiri_  and a song came out. Then it was to illustrate a song and video clip was under production. More than a matter of sale performance the last collection was useful in image- and credibility-building. It helped conveying core values such as Polynesian woman representative and vector of her culture, of the Sacred, of strong connexion with her land. 

From her deep admiration for her grandmother and the great wisdom she feels when she set foot on Moorea,  Moehau draws  inspiration and energy. One have clearly understood the close relationship between the identity of Eimeo Clothing, the island of Moorea and Moehau’s grandmother.

« This year challenge is giving back to Nature » Moehau.

Moorea’s brand will take up new challenges this year featuring local muse star from several district of the island and creating a donation program to Moorea-based conservation organizations to give back to the local community in order to preserve the natural and cultural legacy. Eimeo Clothing feels concern about the future developments on the island of Moorea and commits to help preserving the beauty and integrity of this Sacred island. 

Keep yourself posted on Eimeo’s adventures!