Cultivating Pacific Unity: Eimeo celebrates FestPAC in Hawaii.

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Eimeo, a Polynesian brand synonymous with culture and style, finds itself at the heart of FestPAC celebrations in Waikiki. As the brand unveils its inaugural store at Waikiki Beach Walk a few days before this momentous event, Eimeo’s commitment to honouring and uniting Pacific heritage shines brightly. The Festival of Arts and Culture being one of the most  prominent cultural gatherings in the Pacific, we seize the opportunity to promote the event. 

A Beacon of Cultural Preservation and Exchange

Envisioned half a century ago, FestPAC remains the premiere global celebration of indigenous Pacific Islanders uniting artists, performers, and cultural custodians from various Pacific nations illuminating their sacred traditions, captivating arts, untold stories, and deep-rooted heritage. Endorsed by The Pacific Community, this transformative festival takes you to a six-day experience, from 6 to 11th of June,  offering a mosaic of performances, immersive exhibitions, enriching workshops, and a myriad of activities that weave together to honor and safeguard the vibrant tapestry of the Pacific peoples’ cultural richness.

Bridging Nations, Bridging Past and Present Through Art

Originating in the heart of Suva, Fiji, FestPAC has blossomed into a prestigious international affairs eagerly awaited by locals and visitors alike. Beyond preserving ancestral arts and culture, this event offers contemporary visionaries from the Pacific Islands a stage to voice their creativity, tackle modern challenges, and foster profound cross-cultural connections. Through the art of storytelling and collective experiences, FestPAC reinforces deep-seated bonds that tie together Pacific Island nations, celebrating their shared heritage and underlining the vital importance of protecting and cherishing their cultural treasures.

Eimeo: a symbol of unity, identity and celebration.

By intertwining elements of fashion with deep-rooted connection to Polynesian heritage, Eimeo transcends beyond mere fashion to become a lifestyle brand that resonates with the essence of the Aroha spirit of the Pacific. With the Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture now illuminating the region, Eimeo seizes the opportunity to mark a significant milestone – the grand opening of its first store in Hawaii. This fortuitous convergence between FestPAC and Eimeo’s new storefront mirrors the brand’s dedication to fostering ties and connections across vast Pacific expanses. Eimeo had also the honour of dressing up the dancers of the Temaeva group, representing French Polynesia during this year’s FestPac edition in Hawaii.

“At the convention centre , listening to a Rarotongan group and the sound of the to’ere, I felt like I was in the right place at the right time – a deep connection to our culture. Mistaking them for a Tahitian group revealed how we are all part of one big family. The unity of diverse tribes at the festival stirred a sense of belonging and pride in our shared Pacific heritage. I’m proud to be from the Pacific!”

Hinatea Boosie, Eimeo Hawaii General Manager and Brand Ambassador