Aloha Collection and EIMEO Clothing teams up for the perfect bag!

When three free spirit and smart ‘vahine’ met, this brings out a dream bag.

Does ALOHA Collection ring a bell to you? Yes, indeed! Perfect, light, splash-proof travel bags made of coated Tyvek®️. A sustainable material resistant to water, to UVs, to high temperatures, to perforation, and to top it all very light weight makes it easy to transport. Small bags, big bags, pouches, all sizes and many options of colors and prints make us crazy about those bags. They easily get on your list of essentials.

This bag is not only a good product, it has also a nice story to tell. The kind of story we love to share because it’s inspiring: 2 friends Heather and Rachael who were both big dreamers, have one common problem to solve with packing their wet clothes. With 2000$ each in the pocket, they started their company and « one bag at a time » they built on a thriving business.

Driven by the desire to share, to inspire and to create, Aloha Collection is collaborating with other artists, founding a real « international Ohana ». Moehau Aumerand for EIMEO Clothing, with her friend Hinatea Boosie made good impressions on the Hawaiian team and this is where the collaboration started.

Today we are glad to take part in this « Aloha adventure » and present to our loyal followers our Aloha bags and pouches available in Ahiri Pink and Verde. Available exclusively in our Eimeo store in Paopao Moorea.