Set in the embracing and magical bay of Opunohu,
the Kellum’s property offers the perfect backdrop
to align with this surreal collection,
some time between dream and reality,
past and present, myths and history.

Surrounded by « Tohi’e’a », « Rotui » and « Mou’a Roa » ,
the main peeks of the sister island,
guarding this lush and nurturing Valley of Opunohu.
A seizing sight inspiring mixed emotions,
a profound humility in front of so much majesty
but also exhilarating empowerment being part of it.

The floral patterns and loose designs of this collection blend in,
flattering our two Polynesian ambassadors turning
them into blossoming hibiscus:
« telles deux fleurs parmi les fleurs ».

The Kellum’s original Plantation-style house was built
in the 1920s and have essentially remained the same,
this decor sets the ambiance ‘retro’ and brings
Ahiri to life with a nod to vintage gowns, high collars,
pleats and ruffles.