AHIRI • a dream of collection

EIMEO is introducing AHIRI,
A collection inspired by the nostalgia of a lost paradise,
An Eden beyond memory which have persisted
through traditions, Arts and clothing style.

AHIRI unfolds at the crossroads of a souvenir from timeless golden age
and a Polynesian renaissance.

It takes roots in this rich cultural heritage mingling between western and
native worlds, and both Moehau and Tahiti are heiresses of this legacy.
Moehau has been living outside Tahiti for more than a decade and has drawn
inspirations from all the places/cultures she came across the planet,
but this time her compulsions to return to her origins and the birth of her son mark
a turning point in her life which reflects on this collection.
In searching of her own identity, she dove into the history of
her culture, in the stories of her ancestors.
As she was going back and forth between memories and
dreams from a golden age and a yearning for deep
anchor in the Present moment, she came up with AHIRI.

AHIRI – in Tahitian language means “ IF “ as an illusive supposition.
Dive with us into a voyage through Tahiti frozen in Time.

AHIRI honors women of the Past and Present, this collection redesigns
the loose-fit garment Polynesian women would wear in the 1900s,
borrowed from the English missionaries.

High-fitting collars, soft ruffles and pleats would emphasized their natural elegance.

Eimeo is bringing a hybrid revival with pastel colors for a pure blend
of authenticity and sophistication, revisiting all over again
this two-tone floral prints considered today
as true Polynesian signature prints.